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Seriously Dr Yehia was the best dentist I've ever went to, my whole teeth was messed up and needed a lot of treatment and if dr Yehia wasn't my dentist i'd never fix it up till now because we all know the pain we get at almost all dentist's clinics but to be honest i rarely felt pain at White pearl clinic. Best wishes Doctor and god bless you.

Maged Ashraf Ahmed

Today I tried "Bleaching" at White Pearl Clinic.
I extremly was impressed by their amazing concern about every single detail that matters with the patient!
I will Start off by mentionting the very respectful greeting , to the outstanding nursing team going to the Infection control care and ending by the great and loyal effort of work done by the discplined Dr. Yehia Adel whose amazing work has been reflected efficiently om my teeth.

The place is really very cozy and I feel so comfortable with it.

After all, thank yu so much Dr. Yehia for your effort and great job done and for giving me a glowing white smile emoticon I have

Noura Assaad

I tried an offer in white pearl clinic... I found it an excellent clinic..I didnt feel pain at all..good job Dr Yehia....

Nora Salib

Dr Yehia Adel is a real human, with all what the word carry from meanings, He is never late on any one of the patients who needs him, and he always followup on his patients cases, and communicate with them which is now so rare, God rewards him for his patient care and support...

Ahmed Hossam

In white Pearl Clinic I was impressed by the great effort and work done by the decent Dr. Yehia Adel .
Thanks alot for your great concern about what patient matters and the really comfortable place .

Yara Hesham

i am happy when i go to this clinic its beautiful and very clean and professial doctor yehia it 's very good man

Noha Mohmmed