Why Choose Us

Staying Current

Our dentists and hygienists stay up to date by attending lectures, conferences, and reading industry literature. We stay current with new procedures and technology as the dental industry evolves. This helps us provide our patients with the most up to date information and options. Additionally, we ensure that our office is equipped with the latest in dental technology.

Patient education

We know that we can do our job only when our patients feel comfortable with us and our services. In order to maintain a high level of trust, we carry out an open dialogue with our patients, keeping them in the loop on what procedures we are doing, and why?. By educating them on all the various options available. We create a treatment plan that is right for their unique needs.


Keeping you safe and healthy is the most important part of our job at White Pearl Dental Clinic.
One of the primary ways we do that is through our sterilization practices, which ensure that our facilities and tools are clean and our patients are protected from infection.
First, after usage, the tools are cleaned in the device works by ultrasound waves to remove any sediment, through antiseptic and anti- rusty solutions.
After those tools is rinsed with water and wrapped in custom bags for sterilization.
These bags are put in the sterilizer or autoclave that sterilizes tools using steam, and heat and high pressure to eliminate any bacteria or virus. This cycle take about 45 minutes.
These bags have color indicator to tell us the efficiency of sterilization, so we can check every bag before usage.

Dealing with pain

We offer you a suitable quiet atmosphere in our Clinic, with soft music, to help you to relax, we will let you know every step, will be held, in order not to be surprised.
We promise you with a slow anesthetic injection in a comfortable way, local anesthetic will decrease your pain, also, we will wait enough time till the anesthetic effect starts.
In periodontal surgery, there is no need to worry any more, with our new EPIC-X.

Quality of the material used

The quality of the materials used in filling and protheses is very important to prevent their breakage.
In White pearl Dental Clinic, we use high-quality Swiss and German materials that are authorized by world Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug administration (FDA).

Instruments used

In White Pearl Dental Clinic, our instruments are of high quality, made in Germany, treated by special anti-rust materials, before sterilization.